Welcome! Over 50 great bands will be playing at the 2015 Texas Jazz Festival Society schedule. Please note that the schedule will be subject to change.

Friday, October 16, 2015


CITGO Stage: The North Stage

5:30-6:30          Del Mar Jazz Band CC

7:00-8:00          Tiburon/ Austin

8:30-9:30          Leticia Rodriguez Austin

10-11:00           Claudia Melton/ Dallas

11:30-12:30      Europa/ S.A.


The AT&T Stage: Center Stage

5:30-6:30          One Accord Gospel Group/ CC

7:00-8:00          Latin Talk/ CC

8:30-9:30          New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band

10-11:30           Kyle Turner/ Houston


The HEB Stage: South Stage

5:45-6:45          Freddie Martinez/ CC

7:15-8:15          William Skrobarczyk/ CC

8:45-9:45          Lisa Stout Jazz Quartet /


10:15-11:45      Cat's Don't Sleep/ S.A.


Saturday, October 17, 2015


CITGO Stage: The North Stage

12:00-1:00        Veterans Funky Jazz Band/ CC

1:30-2:30          Sonny Hill Qrt/ CC

3:00-4:00          Joel Dilley/ San Antonio

4:30-5:30          Corpus Christi Jazz Ensemble CC

6:00-7:15          Powerhouse Big Band/ SA

7:30-9:00          Austin Community College/ Austin

9:30-11:00        Melina/ San Antonio

11:30-12:45      Zenteno Spirit/ Houston


The AT&T Stage: Center Stage

12:00-1:00        UIW Jazz Band/ Jim Waller/ S.A.

1:30-2:30          Ric Cortez Latin Jazz Project/ Laredo

3:00-4:00          Tortilla Factory/ featuring Joe Gallardo

4:30-5:30          Bayou City Brass Band/ Houston

5:30-6:00          TJFS Presentation

6:00-7:30          Beto & the Fairlanes

8:00-10:00        Glynn Garcia Jazz Band with Kirk Whalum

10:30-12:00      Tom Braxton/ Dallas


The HEB Stage: South Stage

12:30-1:30        EMT CC

2:00-3:00          John Magaldi

3:30-4:30          Carolyn Blanchard Sextet/ Houston

5:00-6:00          Another Level CC

6:30-7:30          Anthony Caseres Legacy Band

8:00-9:00          Adeline Cuesta/ San Antonio

9:30-11:00        Ben Martinez Project/ NM

11:30-12:30      Sauce Gonzales Westside Sound


Sunday, October 18, 2015


CITGO Stage: The North Stage

12:15-1:15        Charlie Boeckman Hot Swing Band

1:30-2:30          Galvan Quintet/ CC

3:00-4:00          Latin Heart/ Joe Revelez/ S.A.

4:30-5:30          Duke E Brown/ CC

6:00-7:00          Stephen Richard Band/ Houston

7:15-8:15          Liscano Quintet/ CC

8:30-9:30          45 South/ Houston


The AT&T Stage: Center Stage

12:00-1:30        BC & Soul Express Brooks Conover

1:30-2:30          Mike Guerra & Trisum/ CC

3:00-4:00          Eddie Olivares Jr. Qrt/ CC

4:30-5:30          Tony Campise Tribute Band

6:00-7:00          Latino Blue USA/ Joe Gallardo

7:30-9:15          TX A&M University/ Kingsville


The HEB Stage: South Stage

11:45-12:45      Moody High School/ Bradly Walker

2:15-2:15          Tuloso H.S. Jazz Band/ CC/ Ray Chapa

2:45-3:45          West Oso HSI Jazz Band/ CC/ Carl Melton

4:15-5:15          Roy Miller H.S./ Richard Blaylock

5:45-6:45          King H.S. Jazz Band/ CC/ Carl Melton

7:15-8:30          Victoria College


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